2009 Update

Hey guys, my bad for taking two years off. Guess i Procrastinated. But I am nearly done grade eleven now and am going to go to the school of my choice for Grade 12. It should be a good move. I decided to answer the questions asked by fellow bloggers and give a update on life and photos. Well about me, I am now playing ball hockey and football. I play football in a community league and ball hockey about 8 hours a week at various sessions, mostly in my neighbourhood. I also have a band called Extra Terrestrial, check them out at www.myspace.com/thisisextraterrestrial.html. I also run a Sports Memerobilia buisness now, no more cards now I have graduated past that. Now to respond to people. LARS: Thanks for the high five. Uh i cant say i ever went to special school. I am doing good actually freindwise but if you think that Special School is the answer for your son, then I completely respect that. I am riding easy and I love helping people out, thanks man. GEN: Thanks. Im sure because of taht you have an amazing daughter. Haha im not that cocky. Thanks for the love, Adam. Mike From Sweden: Being from Vancouver and Being a big hockey fan. We loves our Swedes, Markus Naslund, Mats Sundin I could go on but it would go awhile. Uh I dont think of this planet as sick and I dont think of me as brave, ive just dealt with a lot of stuff that I wish I never had to have gone through, thanks for the message. Anyways, if you ever want to directly ask me a question, you can reach me through theboyinside@gmail.com and to everyone, take care of yourself. Adam

Its been a while hasn't it!

Its been a while hasn't it! Im back and I'm staying with my dad in chicago for the summer. hes working on a movie! I'm finished grade 9 now and I just finished 2 weeks at camp. Im seeing a few games at wrigley! Im really looking forward to that. I did ok on my report card which is good news for me! If you want to ask a question. I'll try a lot harder than i have in the past to reply quicker. Im sorry its been so long!

Photos from my Birthday!

Here's a couple photos from my birthday party last weekend!

My first blog

Hey guys and girls thanks for reading my blog it really means something to me for your support. I just want to say I am watching south park. I will leave you some new pictures. They are pretty cool pictures. Im going to have my Bday party on Sunday and im going to a dance on Friday night. The world series is wrapping up and I am cheering for the tigers. adam's stuffadam's stuffpeace out!peace out!
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