I am the mom of 2 young men with AS. As a "veteran" dealing with AS (my Mom and her father had AS) I have some advice to share. When my boys were small there was not as much known about AS as today. Therefore, they were 10 & 7 before they received their dx. Fortunately, I was able to get OT, ST, Special Ed, Listening Centre, Hearing Health Care Consultant Group, Social Skills groups, etc. early on without a dx. Like most of you, I have gone through the missed birthday parties, crummy teachers, suspensions, meltdowns, depression, bullying X 2. The advice I would like to share is for you to give your children all the life skills and opportunities you can. If you are busy working or have other children, you could use your ACSD or SSAH government funding to hire workers to accompany them to their activities. Some suggested activities are: Parks & Rec. classes like skating, swimming, cooking, t-ball or sports of any kind. My sons enjoyed Variety Village fieldhouse programs, swim club. Beavers, Cubs, Guides, church children's programs, music lessons, choir, etc. These activities allow them to increase their social skills and self-esteem. The school ran a Circle of Friends social skills group which was facilitated by Extend-a-Family, an agency we were members of. Extend-a-Family offered a sexuality workshop which I took my younger son to. All the opportunities they were exposed to has contributed to how they are doing today. My eldest son is in his third year of a Fitness and Lifestyle Promotion course at college. He is a provincially ranked competitive swimmer who was part of the Vicki Keith crew when she swam Lake Ontario. He paced her in the water and the rest of the time rode alongside her while driving a Zodiac boat. He has his boat licence and his G drivers licence. He has his Level 1 coaching certificate (any sport) and is a certified instructor in High/Low Ropes and Rockwall. My second born son is in his last year of HS where he is preparing to take Photojournalism in college next fall. He plays sax in the school band and that is where he met his girlfriend of 6 months. He is an avid fisherman who has his boat licence and G1 drivers licence. He is starting Young Drivers this weekend. When we realized he was musically inclined, we got organ lessons which he took for 3 years. They have exceeded our wildest imagination and we are proud to be their parents. Mother Nature