Hello to all of you that hopefully took your valuable time to look at my blog. I want you all to know that youre not alone and i enjoy the fact that gives us the chance to be all of a community and express yourselves. If you want to know how to contact me read my blog or post your questions and ideas here. I will try to read as many as i can. Peace Out Adam

I was curious, how old are

I was curious, how old are you now Adam? My son is 12, just Dx'ed with AS. I am sure he would love to chat here, but he went to a cop camp last March Break and was told chatting online is dangerous, and not to do it, so it is taking some "time" to show him that maybe on a few message boards, it would be ok! I just saw the video clip, my husbands boss told him about your story, I look forward to seeing it sometime, although I don't know when and how, as it does not seem to be very widely distributed! :) My son strongly Identified with you, we both hope that you are doing well now! Take care; Amanda

To: Adam & The Community

Hello Guys, I'm just introducing myself here as the Youth Moderator for this forum. I'll be the one making sure people here use the forum in a safe and appropriate way so that none of the people who choose to post on this forum get hurt or offended. I will be looking for specifics but when these issues arise we'll address them. For now lets use the forum and feel free to post your views and comments on the site. Now let me tell you guys who I am. My name is Graham Kendall and I am 20 years old. I am a 3rd year sociology student at the University of Victoria and I am an aspie. I moved to Victoria from Calgary, my hometown, when I was 17 for my final year in high school. In Calgary is where I was diagnosed. Like many people with aspie my age, we were some of the first to be re-diagnosed from ADHD, to ADD with OCD, to Asperger syndrome. I have been through a lot that much of you have gone or are just going through. I have had to cope with many bullies, being shunned, and even the understanding that it is my diagnoses that has caused a lot of my problems socially. I’ve come through a lot to get to where I am so there is no stopping me now. It takes hard work and a willingness to listen before we can get past this. Some other random information about me: I have many interests which change when they do. One hobby that has been with me all my life is sailing. Even when I lived in Calgary I took sailing lessons. I currently spend most of my free time on the ocean whether it is sailing, surfing or snorkeling, or even just jumping in the ocean. I have also gone through the ever-changing obsessions that aspies do. Like one minute it may be soccer, the next it might be climbing. Its not a bad thing we change so much and obsess over so many things, its only a problem when it begins to effect our social life. I’ll be here to help when and if I can, answer questions you may have regarding the youth portion of this site, and make sure we can all communicate well and understandably. So lets get this forum going and start giving each other a hand. The following email is for people to get in contact with me should they have questions they do not wish to ask through the forum: youth.moderator.the.boy.inside@gmail.com Graham Kendall Youth Moderator Me at shakies after a surf [click for bigger image]

Thank You

I am so glad you are doing better! I know it's tough living with AS but you're doing great! Don't give up. I am an ABA therapist working with 2 boys age, 3 and 5. Your movie gave me lots of ideas of how to help them and what to teach them. Thank you SO much for this insight into your world. You have done a great thing by putting yourself out there to help others. --Jenefer