I too have watched the broadcast 'The boy inside'. My husband couldn't sleep so he got up to watch TV at 2:00 am. He came and woke me up stating that he thought I would be interested in watching a special on AS. He now realizes that everything I have been telling him about our son is reality and that the road ahead is not an easy one. Since watching the special, I have been hit with the realization of what I can expect in the future. I live in small place where the school my son goes to has never dealt with AS and there is no funding to have special help for him. So along with educating myself on what can be done to help him, I need to educate them too. I've never been so happy to have been wakened from my sleep. I could really see myself in the everyday struggle that Adam's family goes through. Rosanne


and believe me it gets harder as it goes. My mom sometimes used to say to others, I wish Graham was seven still. The best thing I suggest is ask questions as you go along. Aspergers can be very unpredictable sometimes. Check out some of the other postings on the youth forum and blogs. I'm going to try and give as much advice as I possibly can from the eyes of an aspie. Graham Kendall Youth Moderator