Hi, I am an adult who was diagnosed with asperger's last year. My daughter has autism. Are there any people (preferably female) in the Newmarket area who are adults with asperger's. My support worker and I are trying to set up a social group for adults over 30 with or without their spouses. I want to meet some other women with same diagnosis but there has been limited response. Mandy Klein

Mandy From Newmarket Area

Hello Mandy. My name is Dennis Jones and I am from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Last week I discussed with Marianne the possibility for me to moderate a forum on this website entitled "Adults On The Spectrum." She thought it was a good idea, consequently, I have created the forum and it should be operational soon. I am not female (obviously) but I am 52 with a lifetime of experiences to share and discuss with people just like you. I certainly want to hear your experiences as well. Once the forum is operational I'll introduce myself in more detail. Cheers, Dennis