My son, now 36, was not diagnosed until the age of 30 as no one seemed to be aware of anyone that could diagnose this condition. he has been involved in Special Olympics for several years now, was on the Gold Medal Curling team, has attended several Provincial games for soccer, slopitch, and curling. He is hoping to attend a World Games. Special Olympics is a wonderful organization for athletics but also supplies the athletes with socialization. There are a vareity of ages, mental disabilities, etc. and it also shows all athletes how to be tolerant. Some of my friends that have gone to sporting events have been surprised at the calibre of athletes, the fact that people they assumed were coaches were actually athletes, and how great the socialization is. I would recommend anyone take their child to see if they are interested in any of the sports offerred. I believe they can join when they are 10 or 12. Michele Martin