I get it. You as parents are scared and it seems like most of you are spending more time worrying than taking a head on approach to dealling with the situation. I know how hard it was for my mom to deal with me and still does. It gets worse and you just have to brace for it. The best thing you could do is be there to support as well. Realizing that you have a problem isn't easy at all, especially when its your fault. Today something funny happened to me. A guy who treated me like crap for elementary school and while I lived in my old neighborhood came to sit down next to me. One look at the two of us and you'd conclude that I could kick his a**. The point I'm saying is that it all works out in the end. Yes its a rough raod to get passed but it pays off if you're careful. I'm 21 years old and I'm doing fine. Yes my case is a bit different from most aspies however most can get through if you do even the simple things like keeping an organized bedroom/house so that his/her mind isn't scatterred. It all works out in the end so relax and brace for what is to come. A confident mindset is what gets you through these hash times. Graham

The downside

Thank you for sharing the point of view of a young person with Aspergers on this topic. Your point is well made, and hopefully well taken.