December 7th Adam and I presented the film to the Grade 6 and 7 classes at a local school today. It was the first time I had presented the film to an audience of kids and the response was phenomenal. The kids were really engaged and had great questions and comments. All directed to Adam. They were genuinely moved and interested in how things are going for him these days. One boy asked: “Have you had your first kiss yet”. And when Adam proudly said yes, the whole group whooped and cheered. Another boy asked if its hard for Adam to watch the film these days, it being so personal and revealing. Adam answered that it is hard, and that the film was sad. The boy agreed and told the whole group that he had cried while watching it. Quite brave I thought for a 13 year old.

re: We showed the film to a group of kids today

I can sense that Adam is really doing his best to relate to the feelings of the grade schools students. I wonder what film you have guys presented that made the students give so much attention in feedback. Anyway, there is some debate happening in Montana, that you might be interested. MT voters are fixed to decide on allowable rates of interest for payday lending. Despite many lawful challenges, I-164 is going to be involved on the ballots. Some ballots are being sent out today, while the rest could be in-person voting. Some short-term loan companies are worried that the measure could kill their business. Proponents say that is a good thing.


I wish I was there to see the reactions. One thing that freaks me out is the whole idea that some people won't get me at all. I try and explain but that does make some people think twice as to how to talk to me. Tell adam he's an awesome kid for being able to do what he's doing. I hope to one day also jon you on your crusade.