Its been a while hasn't it! Im back and I'm staying with my dad in chicago for the summer. hes working on a movie! I'm finished grade 9 now and I just finished 2 weeks at camp. Im seeing a few games at wrigley! Im really looking forward to that. I did ok on my report card which is good news for me! If you want to ask a question. I'll try a lot harder than i have in the past to reply quicker. Im sorry its been so long!

Dear Adam

Hey Adam. I have seen your movie and I think its a great one. I think you are amazing and that you are really smart comparatively to your age. I am sure that with the great parents you got and with the great support the movie brought with him you are gonna do better and better. I guess that every single person who have just seen the exciting movie finish it with a big feeling of adoring your "never give up" character. I don't know about the kids you got in your previous class but I am sure that if you have been in my class we have been a very close friends for sure. I wish you a lot of good luck in your new path. Be well, Almog.

Keep on be yourself

Hey Adam. I was deeply touched when I saw your moms film about you. To tell you the truth, I was crying all the time. I've just discovered that I have Aspergers 3 years ago, when my son was diagnosed Aspergers. He's 13 now. He's got some of the same problemes at thre public school like you had, but now he's attending a special school with mostly aspergers and doing great. My life looked a bit like yours, so it was a kind of flash back, seeing the film. I hope you are having an easy time now, I really do. I've learned the hard way to be in the society....not always doing fantastic ;O) but it's getting better. Keep on be yourself but be open to make small changes, like you've done all the time, like you said yourself in the film, that you don't talk so much more even you're a very chatty person... I know what it's like ;O) High five Lars

You will do well Adam

you have a mum and a dad who obviously care a lot about you, I see so much of my daughter in you, and the film has helped me address so many issues with my own children thankyou :)


Hello Adam im not so good in english. I have just seen your movie on the tv. I was just like you when i was on elmentery school. But when i starting high school i got big trouble with the swedish laws. Now i have accept my autism and have start a collage that im really like. Im think you are a brave man ho have show the world from our side off this sick palnet. Your are my hero. Mouth better then all the baseboll player. you are real human Mike From Sweden

Very Touching

I was very moved by your documentary. It gave me an insight to the day in the life of someone with autism. You have inspired me to become a better person and accept everyone for who they are. That really made my day. Goodluck with the future. You've touched my heart and I thank-you for that. :)

I meant to 'sign' the above

I meant to 'sign' the above comment, Adam. I'm in Vancouver too - an old 'grandad' now ... with a bunch of sons left in my wake. I'm really impressed and proud of you - and your mother. You are a 'World Series Champion Team'. Keep hitting homeruns :-) Tom R. Vancouver, BC