When I read James's entry on the comments of the page somewhere on this website where the movie description is, my heart melted. James you are a wonderfully articulate young man and i couldn't believe how much like my own 19yr old daughter you are. She has had such trouble all her life and is at present in a crisis we are trying to help her through. You really gave us hope in getting a diagnosis for her. I'm thinking you have such insight into your own problems and life challenges and have come a long way since your diagnosis a couple of years ago. My daughter has such talent for English as you obviously have and struggles with maths. She is at the moment trying to finish her schooling at home by correspondence. I am wondering if there are any other Aspies or parents, friends of Aspies out there who can help me find some direction. My daughter's crisis at the moment is that her therapist has dumped her as she has formed too strong an emotional attachment to him. He feels any further therapy with him would be detrimental and that she has to move on. This has been her pattern, forming inappropriate emotional attachments to people she can't actually have a relationship with then breaking down when the realisation comes to light and becoming suicidal. Help!