So how many of us have had problems with boyfriends and girlfriends? Don't be shy, I know we all have. Now, how many of us have managed to get past these obstacles we face when trying to develop appropriate relationships? One of my most favourable memories when I was 16 was when I had my first real girlfriend. Her name was Amy and she was everything a guy could want: good looking, smart, and really nice. She once got me to meet her at her school and when I was approaching her school I was suddenly in the arms of this brown haired girl that I had only been dating for a week. She had somehow spotted me amongst the 500 or so students walking out of the school. Probably one of the sappiest stories of my life but thats one of my favourite experiences with having a girlfriend. Now lets face it. We all want one but why do we want one so bad? Why do we obssess over this idea to the point where its all we ever think and talk about? The thing we must realize is that the less we think about it, the more likely it will happen. Its sad to say but thats just the way it happens to be. Now i invite you to share your experiences here on the forum. Don't be affraid. Graham Kendall Youth Moderator

Aspie Girl Problems.

One problem I know that a lot of young Aspie Girls in particular have, is that they seem to attract creeps, and be coerced into doing things that they really don’t want to do, often of a sexual nature. It is a dangerous combination, being naive, not understanding motive of the other people, able to read body language, desperate for positive attention and the “normalcy” of a relationship. Lacking communication skills also adds its own challenges. You want to say NO! and maybe you even try, but just shy of getting up and storming out of the room, you just can’t seem to strongly vocalize your situation. I am only saying this, to let other girls know this is a common problem, and not just in Aspie circles, many girls with deep rooted insecurities or low self esteem fall into the same pit. The important part is to recognize it, and make a plan in what you are going to say or do “BEFORE” things get out of hand. Remember, people that care about you, don’t make you do things you don’t want to do. They listen to “no”. If you find yourself in this position, it does not mean that you are bad, or wrong, or that you did anything wrong. It simply means, you need to break the cycle, get out of the relationship, contact a councillor if you think that would help, and identify how you can insure that something like this, does not happen again. Often, that is in finding a way to love yourself and believing in your own value.