I figured it would be easier for me to start posting in this active (haha) community if I briefly introduced myself. My name is Jade, and I am 15 and currently in grade 11. I am planning on graduating in January 2008, a year + a semester early. I have a job, and I am active on student council and dance committee at school. Also, I am a memeber of the art gallery young associates and am on the youth advisory board for the library. I have six brothers, one sister, and five parents. Although I have never been formally diagnosed with AS, many professionals believe that I am one of the many people living with the struggles that the rest of you deal with.

I find it funny. When I was

I find it funny. When I was in high school I found myself on a lot of committees and tried to get involved a lot in leadership opportunities. However, the fact that you are doing so well in school does indeed surprise me. A lot of apies whom I've met just do the minimal to get by in school at most times. I just thought I'd mention this however it could be mainly related to males on the spectrum.