Hi, I'm Ettina. I was diagnosed with PDD NOS at 15 years old. I'm now 17. In the film clip, I could really relate to what Adam was saying. I remember at that age, I'd ignore the bullying for as long as I could, then have a meltdown and run away or get into a fight with a teacher if they tried to stop me. Bullying tends to get worse around that age, and entering a new school in grade 5 didn't help. But it was harder for me to cope with, partly because I'd already been through so much. Firstly, I was sexually abused from the ages of 1-5 years old (my parents stopped it and got me counseling when they found out), and secondly, in my first school the teachers bullied me. I have to go now, so I can't really say what I was planning to, but I'll just say I started a yahoo group about school problems at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/schooltrauma/ Ettina

(Graham Kendall)

No I remember that as well, big time. However, what I am trying to understand is what that bullying made me feel. I found that at times I was starting to do things just to get picked on because people would notice me after. This has since gone. But I do think the most important part right now is dealing with whats up ahead and learning to understand whats going on. Bullying does suck and I blame it for the cause of alot of my fears of social communication. I am doing fine now, thing is I find that A.S. kids just need to find out what a healthy friendship is. Awesome job Ettina on starting that group. We need more youth speaking out about these social problems.